Before You Lose Your Cell Phone

TechNewsDaily reports that Disneyland collects about 300 cell phones a week, along with various personal digital assistants and iPods, and cab drivers collected more than 8,700 mobile devices left behind in taxis in the Washington-Baltimore area over a six month period.

Losing a phone can cost more than the price of a replacement. It can mean the loss of valuable data including contacts, photos, video, music and a personal stash of apps that may have taken months accumulate, and lead to identity theft and all its financial implications. Following some simple steps can minimize the fallout.

1. Consider insurance through the cell phone carrier when you purchase your phone.

2. Carriers and manufacturers differ in their replacement policies.

3. Make a note of the serial number and keep it in a safe place.

4. Back up your phone on a regular basis.

5. Consider anti-theft software and apps that can be used from a computer once the phone has been lost.

Photo by Apple.

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