Flying On Cloud 9

Doc Holloway is hoping that his latest invention will turn him into a “Brazillionaire”, reports

“Go lie on a beach in Rio and collect royalties,” he explains of the term he coined.

The Penticton businessman/inventor is hoping his invention, the Cloud Flyer, will impress the panel of ruthless Canadian business moguls from the television show the Dragons’ Den on May 10. Holloway, a former chemist, won the right to meet face-to-face with the Dragons’ after going through a Kelowna audition earlier this year. Cloud Flyer grabbed the CBC producers attention.

The flight control simulator is Holloway’s eight generation of the invention he started tinkering with in 2000. Different versions have found their way onto the pages of Maximum PC and on TV’s Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. His latest version offers the virtual pilot to take off from airports around the world in their choice of aircraft, all the while you are sitting in a cockpit that allows you to move the rudders with your feet, feel like you are really pulling on a control stick, throttle and watching a television screen giving you the views of whichever port you take off from. He is counting on the adjustments and improvements made over the years to catch a certain Dragons’ attention.

Photo by laffy4k

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