Using Photos In Your Small Business PR

Self portrait
photo credit: Mitra Mirshahidi-

When dealing with PR issues there are so many things that most of us business owners wonder about and may even struggle with. One of the biggest things that business owners struggle with is how they can go about incorporating photos into their PR for their small business. I have included some great helpful tips on how you can go about this in an easier fashion.

Quality photos for head shots: An important tip for photos in small business PR, it’s always important for you to have professional-quality head shots of your executives ready for any member of the media that may run a story on your, your company or any member of your executive team. If there is absolutely no budget for a professional photo, learn how to take your own photo.

Incorporate your customers into these photos that you are using in your PR. Have someone take some really great photos of you interacting with your customers, this will show more people that you  truly are a people person and truly care about your customers.

A really great way to use photos in PR is by including them on small business website. Take a bunch of pictures that may include head shots of your team, the building where you are located, pictures of you and your team interacting with your customers and any other photos you may deem necessary and put them up on your website as down loadable photos so that your customers and potential new customers may view them at their convenience.

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