John Battelle: New Marketing in the New Normal

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to provide some Twitter back channel commentary during John Battelle’s interview about the future of marketing.

My tweets are after the jump.

danec: Excited to be providing commentary during an interview with John Battelle later today. #hpio

danec: 15 minutes until live interview with John Battelle #hpio

danec: @dschmieder I'm sure it will be available after. #hpio

danec: Live interview with John Battelle has begun. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: "New marketing is all about how to be in conversation with a customer at scale…" #hpio

danec: RT @harrymccracken: @johnbattelle dates the beginning of changes in consumer/company relationship to Google's rise a decade ago. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: "Walking through the door of a store will be like doing a search on a search engine." #hpio

danec: Have a question for John Battelle, tweet it with the hash code #hpio

danec: RT @smallbiztrends: @JohnBattelle, in 1 to 5 yrs you'll have a connected device that tells you what is in a store when you walk in. #hpio

danec: RT @venturebeat: #hpio Battelle's short-term prediction: mobile will enable marketers to use social graph to drive sales

danec: Do you like the idea of GAP knowing everything about you? Google and Facebook already do. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: Who owns social media? Yes. (Everyone and no one.) #hpio

danec: RT @JennyTinDC: Breaking down silos. Every part of a company contributes to social marketing, says John Battelle #hpio #kepplerspeakers

danec: RT @harrymccracken: Aren't customer service & marketing almost the same thing? (Bad customer service is -definitely- bad marketing.) #hpio

danec: @FranchiseKing I don't know if a complete lack of privacy will be good or bad – it is awfully difficult to image. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: A Publication = Marketers (the $$$) + Authors (the content) + Publishers (the platform) #hpio

danec: RT @notcot: thank goodness for twitter even when the #hpio site wont give me video or sound, i still feel in the loop following the hashtag!

danec: RT @venturebeat: #hpio Publishers have the necessary skills to add marketing value to the social media conversation.

danec: Ask John Battelle a question, live. Use the hash tag #hpio

danec: John Battelle: Advertisers can become a patron to the creation of a community. #hpio

danec: @johnbattelle This really sounds like the Clue Train Manifesto ( from 1999. #hpio

danec: RT @ChristinaKudym: #hpio The medium is the message… Associate with content producers.

danec: RT @smallbiztrends: In today's world where there is a narrow band of price difference, brands must provide value in other ways. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: There are situations were the brands should stand in the background… #hpio

danec: John Battelle: FB engagement ads worked really well to get fans … but now what? What are you going to talk about? #hpio

danec: John Battelle's next book is the Conversation Economy. "How do we do this at scale." #hpio

danec: John Battelle: I don't want the creepy Minority Report future. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: We chased click-thru's for 10 years… #hpio

danec: John Battelle: A responsible marketer creates value… #hpio

danec: John Battelle: Why is a full page magazine ad less intrusive then something similar online? I don't know — it just is. #hpio

danec: RT @bgaffnbk: "No aspect of an experience should be marginalized. It should all add value." @johnbattelle #hpio

danec: John Battelle: It is the dance, the conversation, that marketers need to be good at. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: We're in the fish with feet stage. We should be patient. For the first 15 years of tv advertising, the ads sucked. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: You can both buy media, or build media. #hpio

danec: @smallbiztrends Excellent question about unique content vs written-for-google. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: We need nutrition from our content. "Fast food" content might be fast, but it's not better for you. #hpio

danec: RT @exectweets: "Marketers need to have skill sets of publishers to add value within audience's content journey" @JohnBattelle #hpio

danec: John Battelle: We should teach search literacy in grammar school. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: Great publishers find the noise, curate, and add value. #hpio

danec: RT @scottbelsky: A place for both premium content and generic "easy" content on today's Web, via @JohnBattelle. #hpio

danec: RT @the99percent: "great publishers distinguish between signal and noise" citing @OpenForum #hpio (webcast on now!)

danec: RT @bgaffnbk: Brand's challenge: 1. Listen to "noise" 2. Find the signal; 3. Curate it up; 4. Add value. (via @johnbattelle) #hpio

danec: MOLARS: Mobile Local Real Time Social @johnbattelle #hpio

danec: RT @FranchiseKing: Goldman Sachs does not have a Twitter account folks. That should tell us something. #hpio

danec: John Battelle: Microsoft isn't off the table. They might own the table! #hpio

danec: via @johnbattelle: Google's Achilles' Heel is that they are algorithmic. #hpio

danec: via @johnbattelle: Twitter is a great signal of what's going on in the world right now. #hpio

danec: The interview with @johnbattelle is over. Boy was it good. #hpio

danec: RT @CathyWebSavvyPR: RT @JennyTinDC: Breaking down silos. Every part of a company contributes to marketing: says @JohnBattelle #hpio

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