Awesome Companies Built By Teens: Fred De Luca

The entrepreneurial spirit starts early for many teenagers, but for most things like high school, college and social lives overpower the urge to start a business. But not every teenager.

Wisebread takes a look at some incredibly successful young entrepreneurs, who all started their empires in their teens.

In 1965 Fred De Luca borrowed just $1,000 to start the now-famous Subway sandwich restaurant.

Fred was only 17 years old when he decided to be an entrepreneur, and he started the restaurant as a way to earn money for college.

Since opening the first shop in Boston, the chain now has 32,401 locations and makes over $9 billion in sales yearly.

Fred and his co-founder Peter Buck have also founded Franchise Brands, a resource to help franchisors and entrepreneurs grow their brands.

Photo by qsrmagazine.

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