Learning Express toy store owner Rick Grossman invites adults to once again explore their youth.

Throughout his store in the Hillsborough Promenade, there are plush animals, games, crafts, puzzles, dolls and blocks. There are tiny, live frogs swimming in aquariums, miniature erasers in the shape of Japanese-inspired characters and rubber-band bracelets in the shape of animals. And then there is an assortment of gifts that can be personalized with the names of children: lunchboxes, porcelain piggie banks, sand buckets, totes and garbage pails, among others.

The concept behind Grossman’s store is to become the “neighborhood toy store,” a hub of activity, a meeting spot for children and their families, a space where employees know customers by name, and a place where finding special gifts is the norm. Grossman regularly tries to attract customers by hosting activities, author signings and events. Carry on reading.

Photo: Pamela Sroka-Holzmann.