Niche: Survivalism Means Business

PROFIT Magazine:

The previous decade saw its share of disasters and near misses: Y2K, 9/11, the South Asian tsunami, the Northeast Blackout of 2003, Hurricane Katrina. And if the forces of terrorists, tectonics and power grids weren’t enough, the global economic meltdown sealed 2000s’ fate as one of the most disaster-prone decades in recent memory.

The result, according to Gerald Celente, director of the Kingston, N.Y.-based Trends Research Institute, is the rise of neo-survivalism. Neo-survivalists, also known as “preppers,”prepare for the worst, be it environmental catastrophe, war, famine, disease or various other scourges. Think Lost meets Robinson Crusoe meets The Day After Tomorrow.

But don’t let the bad news depress you; where there is potential crisis, there is opportunity, says Celente: “As the neo-survivalism trend grows, the survival business will boom.”

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