Poll Results: Twitter Usage

Monday we started a poll asking readers, according to a new study, what percentage of Americans actually use Twitter?

28 percent of you said that only 7% used Twitter. 23 percent chose 37%, 21 percent went with 12% and rounding out the group was 25% usage getting 15 percent of the votes and 53% Twitter usage getting only 13 percent of the vote.

According to this year’s Edison Research/Arbitron Internet & Multimedia Study, Only 7% of Americans actually use Twitter.


I was really surprised by that number. You’d think with all the press that Twitter gets that the usage would at least be in double digits.

This low usage number, however, also highlights Twitter’s enduing problems with turning visitors of the site into regular users. Of course, this also means that Twitter still has a lot of room to grow if it manages to find a way to convert more of its visitors into regular users.

The study also examined the demographics of American Twitter users.

    – Twitter users are more likely to live in higher income households
    – Twitter users are well-educated. 63% have a college degree.
    – Twitter is disproportionately popular with African-Americans (25%).
    – 79% of Twitter users would rather give up their TVs than their Internet connections.

(Portions of this post came from ReadWriteWeb.com)

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