The way you’d use LinkedIn sharing for your small business is likely going to be a lot different from how you’d use your personal Facebook account. While most folks love to pass on relevant, interesting and valuable links, some content will be more appropriate than other content for sharing with your business contacts. lists a few ways you can maximize the benefits of LinkedIn shares.

1. Stay Top-of-Mind
Posting once a day, and syndicating that post to your business’ Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook) accounts, can help you remain fresh in the minds of your connections and customers.

2. Find New Talent
If you’re expanding your team, LinkedIn is one of the largest and fastest-growing resources for finding the perfect candidate.

3. Crowdsource Solutions and Get Feedback
If you’ve got ideas you want to run by your peers or a nagging business problem that needs a solution, LinkedIn groups and Q&A are popular and effective ways to get feedback.

4. Promote Special Events You Host or Attend
Whether you’re going to a charity dinner or hosting a meetup for your clients, a string of well-timed LinkedIn shares can be great for raising community awareness, driving participation or soliciting volunteers or donations.

5. Lead Local and Industry Thought
If you’ve got an article in an online publication or a blog post you’re particularly proud of, LinkedIn sharing can be a great way to broadcast that content to your network.

Photo by LinkedIn.