$900 A Week Job – To Sleep

According to PopJolly, sleeping on the job can get most of us in trouble, however in Phil Latam’s case, it gets him paid.

Phil bagged himself the most wanted job in Britain — a sleeping bag tester.

All the 27 year old has to do is test different sleeping bags and report back at bosses in Halfords regarding their comfort.

Phil beat over 1000 applicants for the job to doze and get paid. The lucky winner who has a degree in outdoor leadership said: “I am delighted to have got the job. I was a bit dazed when they rang and told me, especially when I heard how many people had applied.

“I have been a member of the scout movement since I was four and have a lot of experience of camping. My girlfriend saw the job advertised first in the papers and rang saying: “I have just seen a job you may be over-qualified for!” Then my mum phoned and my sister, all telling me it was a job tailor-made for me so I thought I better go for it.” He said.

Photo by Halford.

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