Elaine Rogers at bloggertone asks which is more important, experience or new?

We probably mostly agree that experience is based on the past, therefore when someone comes up with a new idea, if you strip it down, it will be based tightly or loosely on something already created.

Like inventing a new type of vacuum cleaner, or an innovative ‘green’ car. The Heath lads give examples of selling high concept movie ideas based on existing great movies, such as Alien being “Jaws on a Spaceship” or Speed being “Die Hard on a bus”

Building blocks are used in our unconscious to always ‘invent’ or create something based on the information that we already have. But that is not NEW, is it?

What does new and innovative mean? I would suggest that we customise to suit our clients, so they feel special, and have had a product/service created especially for them. I would also suggest that some clients want something that has been proved through the test of time. So we are back to the ‘experience’ and the ‘known’.

It takes great courage to clear the mind, put the building blocks aside, be childlike, and work extra hard to think of something original to deliver for a client (you know those 20% that we work 80% of the time for?)

Photo by brokenarts/photofunia.