Cool Idea: Sneakart

According to the Daily Grommet, Ollie and Zoe Gilbertson, a husband-and-wife team from the UK wanted to put sneaker design in the hands of the people who wear them, so they created sneakart.

Ollie is a footwear designer and Zoe is a fashion designer. When they combined their sneaker obsession and love for fashion, they opened a new avenue for DIY designers to explore. Plain white sneakers never held such promise!

Called sneakskins, these thin, flexible appliques are inexpensive and easy to apply. Buy Decorate and Customize Shoes with Specialized Shoe Stickers.

They’re printed with nontoxic ink on a PVC-free adhesive backing, and they can be peeled off and replaced if your mood changes. Buy Decorate and Customize Shoes with Specialized Shoe Stickers.

All you need is a pair of scissors and a ballpoint pen to get started. After a few snips of sneakart’s boldly patterned sheets, you’ll hardly recognize your new custom kicks. The customizing doesn’t end with sneakers, however.

Sneakskins can be used on other leather items such as belts, wallets and sports equipment. We even tried them out on coffee mugs and laptops.

Photo by Sneakart.

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