The Blanket That Saves Marriages

First it was the blanket with sleeves but now the unique blanket craze has gotten even, well, crazier. With a playful name that hints at what it can do, the Better Marriage Blanket is made up of a special material that can absorb the odor of flatulence before anyone has to smell it. If gas while in bed it tearing your marriage apart this As Seen On TV product hopes to remedy it reports The Week.

What does it do?
In the words of the blanket’s creators, it “completely and quickly absorbs the odor of flatulence.”

Who had the idea?
Inventor Francis Bibbo, a Denver science teacher and deer bow-hunter. The concept gelled after he bought a military chemical suit from a surplus store to test whether it could conceal his body odors from the sensitive noses of deer. “It is a very practical bedding option,” says Bibbo.

Is this the only such product available?
No. During the warm summer months, gas-afflicted people who wish to sleep without sheets might consider buying airtight “UnderEase anti-flatulence underwear,” which traps noxious emissions within its polyurethane-coated nylon exterior.

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Screenshot from the Better Marriage Blanket

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