Better Decade For Businesses To Come

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We’ve all heard the stories of several different businesses that were once known by everyone that are now going under, seen as a horrible place to work, bad business leaders and more. Several different companies sure have set the bar for bad behavior that was once kept under wraps but has since been put out there for the world to see. Many businesses are now afraid that they will give them all a bad name, so what are the rest of the businesses with a good track record to do?

First off, the notion of one business is bad so all of you must be will die down as the economy recovers, give people a little time to come out of their panic stage and calm down so they may see you for your true business ethics.

Secondly, try changing some things about your business and how you do business, such as the dialogue used between employees and customers. Maybe even come up with a new mission statement for the new times.

Third, don’t just change the way you do things with your customers and the way you treat them, you also have to change things with your employees. After all, a happy employee ultimately means a happy customer down the road.

Lastly, understand what it really takes to be a leader. Clever words and concepts are not necessary. Simplicity is the key: be real, be aware, be fair, be human, be balanced, be mature, be ethical, be inclusive, be truthful, be responsible. Know yourself, try to know others, know what matters and what does not. As posted on Harvard Business Review.

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