Revved Up Complaints

photo credit: Noah Sussman

At some point in our life we have all had to call a customer service line for one reason or another. Every time someone complains it seems as though they have worked themselves up into a huge frenzy before they get on the phone so, by time they sit through the elevator music and finally get a human, they are nice and irritated and all too ready to complain!

We do this with the understanding that the more revved up we are the more customer service will want to help us and take care of our problem. The truth of the matter is that the customer service representative is most likely calling us all sorts of derogatory names, spitting nails themselves and talking about us every time they put us on hold.

It causes them not to care about what we have been through, to not want to help us, but rather they just want to get rid of us and they’ll do anything to shut us up. It makes us look like the jerk if you think about it.

Seth Godin suggests not getting upset and all revved up before you call. Stop using phrases such as “this would be the best product I bought but…” and don’t begin making a statement that is good just to turn it around into a bad statement with but, if, because of, etc. The nicer you are, the more your representative will actually care and try to help you.

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