Biz In A Boxx: For Your Budding Entrepreneur

If your kid looks at lemonade stands and card trading as opportunities to rake in the dough instead of an afternoon diversion, WalletPop suggests you check out Biz in a Boxx.

This is one game you can give your budding entrepreneur that could potentially have excellent ROI (return on investment.)

The Biz in a Boxx kits include everything your kid needs to get started on the road to running his or her own company. In addition to the portfolio, investor contract, business cards and planning tools, the kit comes with a workbook that will help them learn about the process of running a business.

“These are the fundamentals that don’t change,” said Melissa Rose, creator of Biz in a Boxx, describing the contents of the Biz in a Boxx workbook to WalletPop in a phone interview. The goal of the workbook is to give kids the information they need to tailor the process to their own business idea.

According to Rose, one reason kids do enjoy and learn from Biz in a Boxx is that the program encourages, “parents to support, but not micromanage.” The entire process is one that a kid and a few friends can use on their own — without an adult telling them what to do — which is how many kids want to play and learn.

Photo by Biz In A Boxx.

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