Seven years ago, the revamped $20 bill debuted with a colorful new look and a slew of high-tech security features. takes a look back at the history of the “double-sawback” to uncover five things you probably didn’t know about the bill:

1. The average circulation life for a $20 bill is 25 months.
2. The current face of the twenty, Andrew Jackson, replaced Grover Cleveland in 1928, although U.S. Treasury Department records don’t reveal the reason for the switch.
3. Interestingly, Andrew Jackson was vehemently opposed to the National Bank and paper money, and cautioned the nation about paper currency in his presidential farewell address.
4. In 1963, the phrase “Redeemable in Lawful Money” was replaced with “In God We Trust” on the bill.
5. About 22% of all bills printed today are twenties.

Photo by US Treasury.

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