Despite “collaboration” becoming increasingly accepted and valued in business, there are still those that remain hesitant about sharing information or resources and about working with others.

It’s still common to hear people say “I have developed a great tool, but I’m afraid that if I share it with anyone, they’ll steal my idea.”

ReadWriteWeb reports you must overcome that fear of losing out on the glory and the profit and learn to work with others.

Having a great idea is only 1% of what it takes to launch your startup,” says Wayne Pope, managing director of the online collaboration tool Glasscubes. “The other 99% is execution.”

It’s important to think about three main areas:

1. Communication: Despite the benefits email and instant-messaging have afforded us, they can be unwieldy to track and search.

2. Accountability: If you are working with others, be sure to clearly assign tasks and deadlines. This is particularly important in early stages of a startup, when staff is small and people are wearing a number of hats.

3. Agility: Having an online collaborative tool shouldn’t replace regular “check-ins.” Daily “scrum” meetings can ensure that you can respond nimbly and that projects and processes move forward.

Photo by jana_koll.

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