Idea Tool:

According to, the objective of the Edistorm website is to let people engage in brainstorming sessions over the WWW. This is achieved by applying sticky notes to the online equivalent to a boardroom wall.

Such a process is made very simple by the use of colored sticky notes, and the presence of a series of “idea bots” make everything flow along more organically. For example, these idea bots can look up related concepts, synonyms and even words that rhyme with any term that has been used.

And this service also has the added advantage of permanence. That is, in the physical world, the only way to capture what went down it the boardroom wall is by photographing it. Conversely, a service like Editstorm turns the brainstorming session into something that is accessible for posterity. Anybody can revise what went down as long as he has access to a web-enabled computer.

Both free and paid versions of Edistorm are available. The main difference arises from the fact that a free storm is public and can be joined by anybody, while the paid incarnation of the service is the one that makes for private sessions (or “private storms”) that can be joined by invitation only.

Photo by Edistorm.

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