Dickey’s BBQ Pit Launches New Prototype

Fast Casual:

Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Inc. has re-designed its store prototype, slashing start-up costs for new stores, in some cases by hundreds of thousands of dollars, to make owning a Dickey’s affordable for new owner/operators.

The re-design includes the streamlining of kitchen equipment and the decrease of its unit footprint from an average of 3,000 square feet down to 1,800 square feet.

“We have looked for any way to standardize and cut costs,” said Daniel Sibley, Dickey’s director of Construction who joined the company in 2008. “Simplicity is vital to success in construction as well as every other aspect of our business. We are much more versatile now. We were able to go into varied locations, from a converted Quiznos in Northern California to a former electronics store in the Bronx. They are very different, but with our new model, we can make it work and make it very cost effective.”

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