And we’re not talking about pink and blue teddy bears either. Inspired by the cute patterns and adorable ribbons that adorn so many diaper bags that new moms use, Carolyn Huresky decided it was time to bring a little of that mommy flair to a whole new level with her own line of fitness and sports accessories.

What is one of the best things about becoming a new Mom? The adorable bags and gear the new mom gets at the baby shower. Cute fabrics, adorable ribbons… the cute baby accessories are hard to resist and not awe over.

Carolyn Huresky knows all about it. Expecting her first child in 2007, she was introduced to the abundance of diaper bag choices. The adorable fabrics made Carolyn drool. After having her baby, Carolyn started getting back to her regular workouts and an idea struck. “Why can’t gym and fitness accessories be just as cute as diaper bags?” Carolyn questioned. Women gaggle over the cute diaper bags at baby showers. Why not let ALL women, not just mommies, have some cute bag choices? So, Carolyn decided to combine her two loves of fitness and fabrics to create the Qteaze gym bag. Other ideas spurred from that initial idea, and the Qteaze line was born.

Still within its first year, Qteaze is launching its Spring/Summer 2010 line. Fabric patterns range from orange/blue to pink/green and the new line of sweatbands and gym towels are perfect for the warmer weather.

Photo from Qteaze