Outsourcing Is The New In Thing To Do

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photo credit: Amir K.

Many businesses today are doing everything they can to save some money and play it safe when it comes to the recession still lingering over them. One of the newest “in” ways to save money for these businesses is by outsourcing many tasks they once had completed in house.

A recent study posted on Entrepreneur.com stated that in the past year outsourcing certain tasks increased by 19% while hiring new employees for these tasks only grew around 3.4%. Businesses are not doing this just to save some money but also to protect themselves if the recession should worsen again, rather than improve.

There is one potential problem, however, with outsourcing your work to other companies or even to “offshore” them (send them to other countries to be completed). Every business that has done either of these before can tell you some kind of nightmare story that happened to them. It can range from work never being completed, to being done wrong or even problems in the money department.

Maybe the independent contractor flaked out mid-project, leaving the company hanging. Many small business owners, meanwhile, have found it hard to manage and trust independent contractors, who by definition work remotely and only know enough about the company to complete the project.

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