9 Year Old Author Learns About Business Through Book Production

Star News Online:

At first glance, Holland Baynard looks like a normal 9-year-old boy. He attends third grade at Bradley Creek Elementary School. He likes crabbing, skiing and hunting for sea creatures at the beach. He thinks visiting the Galapagos Islands would be really cool.

But then, Holland is hardly ordinary. Most 9-year-olds aren’t published travel writers.

Holland has two books in print: “Holland Goes to Rome” and “Holland Goes to Pompeii.” (OK, he had some help from his mom.) He’s even had his own recent book-signing at Wilmington’s Learning Express.

“Our goal was to go past 40,” Holland said, because that’s how many copies the “Elf on a Shelf” author sold when she visited the Wilmington store.

“We sold 62,” Holland added with obvious pride.

Most 9-year-olds maybe start their own lemonade stand. Of course, Holland did, too — that’s one of the ways he helped save up for his trip to Italy — but he’s gone beyond that to run his own household business.

“When he comes over to handle orders, he makes his mom stay in the car,” said Shelly Hobson, owner of the local Learning Express, where Holland’s books retail for $10.95. “He handles the invoices himself.”

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