Kids Redesign $100 Bills

Last month, the government unveiled the new $100 bill – a colorful, high-tech Benjamin that features a 3-D security ribbon, color-shifting ink and a bunch of other bells and whistles that should frustrate counterfeiters.

The new hundred, which will enter circulation next year, was greeted with mixed reviews. Some loved the color and “magical” features. Others mocked them. went further: “Are we some Third World Banana Republic unable to keep gaudy hues off the face of our worthless currency? Mortifying. … Why not just turn over a sheet of blank currency paper to a kindergarten class and come back in an hour?”

So that’s what The Cleveland Plain Dealer did, sort of. Instead of a kindergarten class, we asked the creative kids at the Cleveland School of the Arts to come up with their own designs for the new hundred.

Kayla Thomas, grade 4

Treveon Bland, grade 6

Shardh Hall, grade 6

Melanie Mitchell, grade 4

Photos by The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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