Retaining Your Customers

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We all love to get new customers…it’s not only great for business, it’s great for future business. A happy and satisfied customer is a customer that comes back – and that puts you in the business of reordering rather than the business of selling, which is where we all want to be. So, how do you satisfy your customers and keep them coming back?

One sure way of retaining your customers is by providing them with value along with the service’s and products that you sell them. No one wants to buy just any product that does one function and possibly needs to be replaced every few year’s, so provide them with quality and value for the dollars they are spending.

Remember to always listen to your customers and keep them updated. Listen to any suggestions, comments or concerns that they may have and do your very best to solve those concerns and suggestions for them within a timely manner so they know they are important to you. Keep them posted throughout any changes being made and whatever steps you are taking to solve their issues.

Probably one of the best ways to retain your customers is by rewarding them, especially the one’s that have been doing business with you for years! There is no harm in giving away some sort of small freebie or providing some sort of small discount off of an entire purchase to your regulars.  This definitely will show them how much you appreciate them and for sure keep them coming to your location.

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