$5 Orange
photo credit: geishaboy500


You don’t always have to slash prices to stay competitive. There are many great ways you can add value to your goods and services at little or no cost. Learn how to keep your customers coming back while your competitors discount themselves out of business.

Try extending your business hours so you can offer greater availability to customers that get off of work later in the evening. This will provide a better value for your business by making it easier for some of your customers to come in to say hello and of course shop around!

Suggest money saving ideas such as spending a little more money to get a product that will last twice as long with many different handy features rather than spending half the amount on the same product that will need maintenance within a year or so.

A great way to protect your prices as well as your business name is by selling unique products that can be hard to find. Sell something that is unique enough that your local competitors don’t carry it but not so unique that people don’t have a want or a need for the item.