I wanna hold your hand
photo credit: batega

Many new business owners often make the mistake of taking their new adventure far beyond what is necessary. They spend every waking moment on their new company, they are often gone for extended business trips, long working hours because they don’t want to trust anyone else to take care of things, and etc. While some may view this as great dedication, it can also be viewed by your family and friends as a huge inconvenience, like your business is now the most important thing to you.

As a new business owner, you need to constantly remind yourself why you wanted to be your own boss to begin with. For most is so they can better provide for their family as well as spend more time with them at home, don’t loose sight of these facts! Before making the final leap into business ownership, thoroughly talk it over with your partner at home, make sure they are on board with this adventure and are willing to give a little especially in the beginning.

Create what if scenarios. This can be great for when certain touchy or stressful situations arise in the future, a planned way that the two of you can go about handling the problem without fighting. Maybe a simple fix can be done such as your spouse may be willing to come to work for you/with you so the two of you are still spending some time together and they are made to feel like they truly are a part of your new adventure.

What ever you two decide, make sure that the new set of rules, guidelines and boundaries don’t exclude anyone in your close personal life as this can be very detrimental to not just you but many people around you. Starting a new business is a great idea and adventure but it is not one that should ruin your personal life! As posted recently on Escape From Cubicle Nation.