You might remember our interview with Shirts My Way from 8 months ago. If not then let me refresh your memory.

Shirts My Way sells customized dress shirts. Through their website you are able to decide what type of material, cut of the neckline and a few other features that you would like, creating a shirt for yourself that is truly the perfect fit.

We recently spoke with Peter Crawfurd and Michael Yang about the business and any changes they’ve made since our last interview.

Remind us of what Shirts My Way does.

ShirtsMyWay lets shoppers design their own dress shirts in detail using an interactive model. They can also submit their measurements to get the shirt tailor made for a great fit. We have over 7 trillion different shirt designs on our site.

What are some of the changes your business has undergone since the last time we talked?

There have been a lot of changes at ShirtsMyWay. We’ve done a complete re-design of our website. This has included simplifying the buying process, adding lots of high quality photos, and generally just making everything even better. On top of that we have tripled the number of fabrics we offer and made new eco-friendly packaging.

Any other new features we might see within the year?

A lot of things are coming up as well. We will shortly be introducing a high quality blog and quite a few other features that we’d like to keep under wraps for now.

How has your business changed since it was first conceived?

We have been focusing a lot on simplifying the whole process of buying shirts and making it easier for people to place their orders at the same we have increased the selection of our fabrics.

If there was anything you could do differently, what would it be and why?

We would probably have focused more on looking at what was working for established sites and figured out how that might be able to work for us.

Tell us a few things your business has taught you since the last interview.

That although working hard as an entrepreneur is important, it is important to focus your time on the things that will grow the business, not day to day operations.

Any more tips you’d like to share with any aspiring entrepreneurs reading this?

Be sure to do proper research in your market before jumping in. If you are starting out in the internet world be sure to look into how hard it will be to rank for keywords in google and how long you might think it would take. If it is not achievable then it will take a very long time before you get where you’d like to be.