For the second straight year, the 100-plus students of Michigan State University’s upper level Marketing 313, Personal Selling & Buying Processes class will be donating their commissions from their sale of Cutco cutlery to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The class, taught by Eli Broad College of Business Assistant Marketing Professor Doug Hughes, will sell the Cutco products as part of Vector Marketing’s “Cutco in the Classroom” program. Vector Marketing is the sole distributor of Cutco, which trains the MSU students to sell the cutlery.

The money raised will be used to make Grand Ledge High School senior Gabrielle Sowders’ dream of exploring ocean life in Hawaii come true. Sowders, who is 18, was diagnosed last year with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The wish will cost $7,500. Any profits above that will be used to make other wishes come true. Last semester, the class raised $21,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, funding the wishes of three children.

“We find that the best way for students to learn sales is to go beyond the theory of the classroom and gain real life experience,” says Hughes. “The semester-long project of selling Cutco gives students that experiential aspect and better prepares them for the world beyond graduation. Being able to donate the proceeds from the sales to the Make-A-Wish Foundation makes the project even more satisfying and ultimately serves as a fantastic motivator.”

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