What Your Lawyer Isn’t Telling You

photo credit: Kamal H.

We all have heard the jokes about lawyers over the years but what we haven’t heard is how our business lawyers withhold information from us, which is ironic given the fact they stand by that saying “no withholding information”. Look below for some interesting and shocking details that your lawyer is most likely withholding from you that I recently came across on Open Forum.

  • They often hand off work to their employees under them but still turn around and charge you their high lawyers fee rate.
  • Most lawyers have a collection of already made up forms that they use everyday to complete tasks for you or your case. They just have to edit the original information to fit but still charge you as though they did everything from square one.
  • Most lawyers really are not as needed as they make you think they are. There are several simple things such as power of attorney, wills, basic contracts and more that people can handle themselves, but if you knew that then they miss out on their huge fee.
  • Lawyers won’t tell you that their flate rate fee is actually negotiable. Most people don’t realize this so they just pay what they are told rather then try and get it lowered a little bit.

Your bill is only a guesstimate. Attorneys bill clients in six-minute intervals. But don’t let this level of precision fool you–not all lawyers are fanatically staring at their stopwatches to ensure you are not getting over billed.

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