Entrepreneur Spices Up Her Finances With Salsa

Cindy Holleman is the founder of Stick Figure Salsa, a California based company that sells at Jensen’s Finest Foods and Harvest Health Foods in the Palm Desert area, reports mydesert.com.

In short time, Holleman’s salsa venture has gone from idea to a 27-case-a month business that produces a small profit, she said.

Her foray into the business world started out of necessity, she said.

“I was out of funds to pay even my basic bills,” Holleman said. “We’d been gifting the salsa for years. Then one day as I was driving home it came to me: Sell the salsa.”

Holleman ran the idea by her 16-year-old daughter, Hayden.

“Of course, she said, ‘Sure mom, go for it,’” Holleman said.

Holleman contacted an nonprofit organization that helps small businesses and took their advice to identify three stores where she could sell the salsa.

In October, she contacted Jensen’s food buyer and made an appointment with her.

“She tried a sample of the product,” Holleman said. “At that point, she said she wanted me to put on a demonstration at the store. She also said, ‘We need two cases.’ And she asked me the price and I thought, ‘Whoa!’”

She filled that first order, cooking in her kitchen.

“We started with my family and friends,” she said. “We had to convert a three-tomato recipe into industrial batches.”

Logo from Stick Figure Salsa

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