The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A:

Menchie’s got its start with a sweet tooth. When Danna and Adam Caldwell went out on one of their first dates, Adam took her to get self-serve frozen yogurt at his favorite neighborhood haunt. After indulging their sugar craving, Danna expressed shock that there were not more places to make personalized frozen yogurt creations.

“It really started with, ‘I want a place where I can get my frozen yogurt fix every day,’ ” Danna said. “I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every one would be different.”

The couple opened their first store together in 2007, in Valley Village, two weeks before their wedding day. The Caldwells have since expanded the idea into a franchise company, with more than 30 locations in seven states, the newest of which can be found in Westlake Village. Thirty-five more are in development. All of the stores are decorated with Menchie’s signature bright colors and whimsical decorations.