Steve Wozniak Talk at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering
photo credit: Brymo

In business we find ourselves having to give presentations from time to time in order to create knowledge and bring in more business for our company. The problem with giving presentations is that not only are many people afraid of public speaking but they also don’t really know how to put together a great and interesting presentation. Below I have provided some great tips for you to improve your presentation skills that I came across on

Preparation is the number one key to your presentation success. Review the people that are going to be sitting in the audience, think of what they are there for, what they may expect to see and hear and what they are looking for.

Rather than just having a ton of information and pictures with maybe some slides to show whenever you get on a certain topic, sit down and plan out your presentation, structure it in a way that it runs smoothly from one topic to another without any chops or gaps in between topics.

Go through all the information that you may have collected to talk about at your presentation and then go through and pick out the 3 most important points that you would like to get across to your audience. Structure your presentation around those points. You don’t want to bore them to death with tons and tons of information on 30 different points.

Practice, practice, practice…but don’t memorize. “It’s different for everybody, but I will say one thing: If you practice your speech only once, you’re going to stink,” Braithwaite says. She recommends starting to rehearse your presentation about a month in advance.

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