Working From Home Is Not Easy

Office; May 2006
photo credit: Kelly Sue

Today many people are contemplating making a switch from the corporate office to the home office. This can be a great switch but you should know it’s not for everyone. When many of us think about working from home we think it will be easier then working from a corporate office. However, this is very far from the case! recently posted an article talking about how working from home is not an easy job, actually it can be more difficult then working from your corporate office.

When you work from home you need a lot of discipline to make sure you stay on task, buckle down and actually get your work done. You don’t have anyone lurking around making sure your doing what you should be doing. Yes you can wear pajamas at your home office but will you still be able to get into work mode if you’re not dressed?

You will need office furniture such as desk, lamp, calculator, computer and more. You’ll need certain equipment such as phone line, fax machine, copy machine and more. Do you have these things on hand already? Going out and buying these can get costly for you. Not to mention when your equipment breaks down or your furniture breaks you are responsible for the cost to fix it or replace it where as at the corporate office they take care of that for you.

Building an effective home office can be especially difficult for people with children, but it is not impossible. “Help the kids understand what it means to work from home. Draw the boundaries–as in be quiet when you’re on the phone, knock on the office door, etc. The sooner you start, the more likely they’ll eventually do it,” Erickson suggests.

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