M&M Cookies
photo credit: Dyanna

For any college student who is looking to launch a business and make a little extra cash for their expensive college life is sure to find this article recently posted on Inc.com very interesting and useful. College can be quite expensive for anyone so I have put together a small list of some awesome college start-up businesses.

  1. One clever young man came up with the great idea to start a book borrowing business. The cost of books can be hundreds of dollars, but when you sell them back to the store when your finished with them you only get a few bucks for them. Start a book business where you sell or rent out your old books to fellow students for cheaper then the store charges but still more then the store will give you.
  2. Are you good with computers? Can you fix many commonly known computer problems that others pay out the nose for professionals to fix? If so, consider starting up a computer business where you help out other’s by fixing their common problems. Or, if your really good with computers, you may want to think about rebuilding computers for other students that are in need of one but can’t afford to buy them brand new.
  3. If you’re a good cook and especially great at making some sort of snack food, you may want to start offering this service to your fellow classmates who are spending long nights cramming for finals and could use some snacks to energize them up.