Deadly Sins Of Blogging

wash away your sins
photo credit: Lori Greig

I recently found a great article located on CopyBlogger for all of you professional bloggers in business. Blogging is a wonderful way to reach your audience, customers and clients, however if you’re not careful you can make some very severe mistakes that can also cost you all of those things in the long run. Look below for some big mistakes to avoid when blogging for any reason.

  1. Selfishness. This is the biggest mistake out there in the blogging world but yet so many people make this mistake all too often. Don’t just get out there to take information from other bloggers and readers, give as much if not more than what you take!
  2. Being impatient. Blogging can be a great tool for your business, however it doesn’t work over night. You need to have some restraint and some patience and remember that it will take some time, maybe even a few months before all of your blogging work starts to pay off for you.
  3. Lameness. Be creative not boring. Blogging is far from the original forms of advertising, it takes a lot for someone to sit down and read paragraph after paragraph, ad after ad. So be sure to be as creative and exciting as you can in order to keep their attention and improve your chances of them coming back for more.

Irrelevance. It’s lovely to put your heart into your content, to infuse it with your personality, to come across as a real and like able human being. The game still ain’t about you, baby. Some people are naturally attracted to topics that other people care about. Others aren’t. Don’t try to sell broccoli ice cream, even if that’s your favorite.

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