A Close Shave In UK Razor Battle


British shaving entrepreneur Will King is taking on Gillette, the superpower of the shaving industry, as his brand hits number 2 in the UK market.

And King says he is seeking similar success in New Zealand with his King of Shaves brand.

King’s idea to start the King of Shaves came from his dissatisfaction with men’s shaving products; in price, effectiveness and his own long-running battle with razor-burn. He wanted to manufacture shaving products for sensitive skin, with accompanying razors that created a close shave and to sell them at prices that wouldn’t cost the earth.
He started by developing a shaving oil and over the years developed the brand to the point where people began asking when he was going to produce a razor.

But King told TVNZ’s Breakfast programme that there is a huge amount of patent protection around razors and Gillette has patented much of the components, securing a “massive market share”.

It took King five years to bring a “relatively simple looking, but quite elegantly engineered, razor to the market”. King says the Azor razor is based on quality and simplicity, is light and ergonomic and “doesn’t cost the earth”.

Photo by House Of Sims

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