An All-In-One Shipping Service

If your company isn’t quite big enough to receive the best deals from companies like UPS or the USPS, a third party provider of their services might be able to help.

USS Logistics is one of those companies, offering a variety of shipping options for freight and small parcel packages. If your business spends a lot of time shipping out packages but it’s too small to receive any real discounts, their service can help. Rather than having to go straight to main company yourself, they negotiate the best discounts in advance and then they’re able to pass the savings on to you.

Tell us a little about USS Logistics

USS Logistics and its network of Sales Agents is a third party provider of transportation services. We one of a handful of companies capable of providing both small parcel and freight shipping services to customers. Our small parcel offerings include an overnight which competes with air service from FedEx and UPS and a 2-3 day service that competes with ground service from FedEx and UPS. Our freight offerings include less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), ocean, and air freight shipping services. We have been recognized for rapid growth by earning #1 in the 2007 Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best in Class” ranking as well as ranking in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list in 2009. Our organization was founded in 2002 with over $78 million a year in total system revenue in 2008. Our success is built on the ingenuity, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit of our Executives and Sales Agents.

When was it launched?

USS was founded in 2002 by Chuck Derr, Jesse Moore, and Robert Ross. Our three founders brought extensive industry experience as well as sales, operations, software, and engineering expertise necessary to build rapid success.

What inspired it?

USS was created around the idea of creating value for three distinct parties:

Customers: The shipping world has been getting more complicated and expensive. The three things customers have been asking their carriers to improve upon are in the areas of customer service, automation, and discounts. USS has been able to deliver solid results to our customers in all three of these areas.

Carrier partners: Small parcel and freight carriers have had difficulty effectively growing their revenues solely their own sales forces. USS provides excellent sales growth for our carrier partners without adding to their fixed costs.

Entrepreneurs: USS was also created to provide a fast-paced, low start-up cost, unlimited income business opportunity to enterprising individuals seeking to run their own business.

How does your service work?

We harness our customer service, technology, and discounts to offer our customers the best-in-class shipping experience. Our customers simply visit our online technology portal, prepare ship small parcel and freight shipments, and tender the shipments to our carrier partners who pickup and deliver the shipment. Our system then allows our customers to track all of their small parcel and freight shipments on one screen.

How many shipping companies are you partnered with at this time?

We are partnered with three small parcel carries and over sixty freight carriers.

As a USPS approved reseller for their services, in what way would the discontinuation of Saturday mail affect your service if it is enacted?

Although we are a selling partner for the USPS in their expedited small parcel delivery service segment, we are not alarmed by the discussions regarding Saturday service. Many do not think this service will end but even if it did, the USPS service would still be on par with that of FedEx and UPS.

What separates you from the competition?

We offer a superior blend of carrier options, customer service, easy-to-use online technology, and pricing discounts.

Tell us about your affiliate program.

We offer an entrepreneurial opportunity through our Sales Agent affiliate program. These Sales Agents have access to our full suite of service offerings and sell this suite of services to primarily small to medium size companies. Our Sales Agents make sales through a direct B2B sales approach and keep the majority of the gross margins that flow through their growing customer base. We therefore provide full front end functionality for customers and back end support for our Sales Agents. We also offer our Sales Agents the best sales and product training in the industry which is run by our VP of Sales, Sanjit Singh, a 15-year veteran of the industry with an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

What are the requirements?

We are seeking individuals with B2B cold calling and sales experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, a solid work ethic and sense of urgency, good listening skills, and integrity.

Any advice you’d like to offer anyone that might be interested in signing up?

We encourage those who may be interested to properly research our industry. In doing so, they will discover how large a market we have (nearly $1 trillion) and how unique our opportunity is within our space. If anyone would like to explore this opportunity further, visit our website at or contact Robert Ross, EVP of Sales and Marketing, at [email protected] or 801-613-3932.

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