Delicately we step towards 2008
photo credit: kevindooley

When comedian Steve Martin declared, “Let’s get small,” he could have been coining today’s consumer mantra. Across the nation, shoppers are shifting their purchases to small and local businesses.

One great way to go local with your business is by doing the three goodness rules. Do good for yourself obviously because the better you are doing the better you can do for others around you. Do good for the world such as going green with your company to show that you truly care about the environment and others health around you. And of course do good for your community, this is the best way to going local when you can show that you fully support and care for your immediate community and it’s members.

Always remember to practice what you are preaching. Everyone knows the golden rule that it doesn’t matter what you tell other people, what you stand for, what you advertise or what you are teaching others, what matters is if you are practicing and following your own advice, that is what speaks highly of you and your company.

One really huge way to going local  in your community is by giving back or paying it forward. There are several companies that donate a certain percentage or dollar amount towards a local charity of their choice for every item or dollar amount that is bought in their store. This is a phenomenal way of showing how much you truly care and will really impress the local community.