Mobile Billboards Changing Advertising Game

There’s been a tectonic shift in advertising in which competitive advantage requires innovation, and AdHitch mobile billboards are it.

Most ad mediums are nothing more than megaphones. They are powerless without a voice, or more importantly, amplified ideas that engage an audience. But now you can take your message wherever your audience might be, with AdHitch mobile billboards.

AdHitch mobile billboards are a perfect medium for target marketing.

Essentially mini billboards on wheels, they can literally be driven directly to your target audience wherever they are–even in hard-to-reach locations.

These mobile ads can also follow an audience as they move about popular areas. This is especially effective if you are looking to advertise at large events, exhibitions, conventions or on the street.

You can take the AdHitch mobile billboards anywhere you can drive a vehicle capable of hauling 75 lbs; anywhere you can wheel a 75 lbs mobile billboard; and anywhere you can mount or stand a 75 lbs billboard. Pretty much anywhere.

Photo by AdHitch.

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