Summer Job Guide

There are plenty of jobs you can take over the summer, but some of them cater to a student’s schedule better than others.

To help, Money College created a list of ideas for summer jobs. These are suggestions to get you started in your search.

1. Landscaping. Get your hands dirty this summer, along with your clothes and everything else you put your paws on.

2. Nanny/Manny. It used to be that nannying jobs were only for the ladies. But in today’s world, mannies (or male nannies) are hot stuff. If you like kids, this is a great job.

3. Summer camp. Everyone’s seen a movie about a fun summer camp experience and it’s made you giddy to get a gig.

4. Theme park. If you’ve ever seen “Adventureland,” this movie asserts that you can not only earn some quick cash working at an amusement park over the summer, but you can also move to New York and score with a love interest you meet at the park.

5. Tour guide. You can find tour guide jobs all over the world and in any niche.

Photo by Christian Haugen.

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