Run, Motherfucker, Run
photo credit: JOE M500

Many business owners ship products by using the services of FedEx or UPS so all of you know by now just how expensive those darn shipping charges can be, especially if you are shipping out of state or out of the country. I recently read an article posted on that goes through some simple ways that you can greatly lower your shipping costs.

Validate addresses before you ship: Before you ship your package, validate your addresses. UPS provides a service, called “Detailed Address Validation” which is available if you are using or UPS CampusShip and shipping to a U.S. address. This feature allows you to validate the street number range and the apartment number or suite number of your address. 

Look at your shipping invoices often, go over them and look for things such as address correction charges. If you have these then you need to either correct the address if it is wrong or contact the shipping company and fight the charge if the address is correct.

No one said you have to settle for the flat rate of what they charge you. Call up FedEx or UPS and try to negotiate some sort of discount. Nothing is REALLY written in stone on their end. If you ship say 10 packages a day using their service 5 days a week you will likely get a discount around 5%.