Wooster Daily Record:

After college, Rodd Welker went corporate, landing a job in downtown Cleveland, but it did not last long.

After careers in higher education and in the nonprofit world, he is now working with businesses and individuals in an effort to “take them the places where they want to go.”

Welker recently spoke to a group about franchising at the Fourth Friday Business Matters Luncheon at Heartland Point.

About 75 percent of Americans dream of owning a business, but not many do much about it, Welker said. Interestingly, 40 percent of the people between the ages of 8 and 21 want to start their own business, Welker questioned why the dream stops as people get older and are more likely to have the opportunities and resources to make it possible.

The past couple of years has seen a decline in the number of openings of franchise businesses; however, before the slowdown franchises opened on average every eight minutes during every business day, he said. Carry on reading this post.