What Blogs Should You Read?

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photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

It’s not easy to know what is worth reading in social media these days. As technology makes it simpler and simpler to create content, the predictable problem this causes is that people who have no business creating content are doing it with abandon. Do any Google search that returns more than a million search results and you’ll easily understand the downside of this phenomenon. Recently posted on Open Forum.

One very simple way to figure out which blogs you want to read is to set up an RSS reader. This makes it super easy for you to set up a whole account where you can specify which blogs interest you and which ones you would like to follow.

Almost every blog out there will have a list of fellow blogs that they enjoy reading and may even recommend that others read as well. Take a look at those and see if there are some that tickle your fancy to add to your list of favorites.

Another great way to automatically get a hold of the blogs you want to read every day or even every week is by subscribing to all of your favorites, this way they will be automatically sent to you when they are posted to their websites.

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