What Were You Thinking Marketing Moments

158/365: What a waste FUTAB
photo credit: Mr.Thomas

We have all been there, those times when you temporarily loose your mind for a few seconds and do something very stupid and often funny. However, I read an article posted recently on Small Biz Trends that takes the cake on “what were you thinking moments”.

  • Wearing a sweat pant suit to some sort of business function. Really? That is beyond having a moment.
  • Rather than getting new business cards, crossing out all the old information with a marker and writing in your new information. Why? Why would you just not tell them your cards are outdated and simply write down information on a blank piece of paper?
  • Meeting with someone numerous times over a few months and asking for advice and tips from them for free. Pay them for a consultation already!

Bullying people in a waiting room for testimonials needed for a Website —self-explanatory.

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