Fifteen year-old Christian Owens, founder of online advertising network Branchr, was recently named Enterprising Young Brit 2010. The Daily Mail gives the annual award to teen tycoons with startups in the United Kingdom, reports VentureBeat.

Owens founded the startup, which counts MySpace as a publisher – to give you a sense of the prestige – in January 2009. The company provides small and medium sized businesses with an alternative to Google through its pay-per-click advertising platform.

The international company also boasts teen execs in the United States, including 17-year-old Mark Bao of Boston. According to Bao, a self-described “technology entrepreneur and non-profit founder and advocate,” the company serves ads on 17,500 online properties. While Branchr is profitable, Bao said the team is thinking about venture funding “over the pond in London.”

Photo by Branchr.