Turn News Events Into Publicity

The best PR programs often leverage a company’s best assets, its subject matter experts, by seizing and capitalizing on the news of the day. Aaron Kwittken at Entrepreneur calls this Carpe Diem PR.

Absent new company developments, the key for any company is to secure frequent, meaningful media mentions and buzz, by finding natural ways to make the company part of an already existing news cycle or trend.

1. Watch the news and look for ways in which you think your company is relevant to a news cycle. For example, a company that produces emergency preparedness kits would be well suited towards providing expert commentary and advice to consumers before and during times of crises (from earthquakes and hurricanes to flat tires).

2. Be prepared to respond quickly to breaking news. Remember that the quotes and sound bites go to he who speaks first. Get up to speed fast by reviewing recent media coverage (one of the quickest is a Google News search) of the issue and try to provide a unique insight that has not yet been reported. Shorter sentences are more memorable, and don’t be too elaborate with your words.

3. Remember that media begets media. Don’t stop at just one interview. Use that media coverage to drive other media opportunities, maybe expanding from print to broadcast or vice versa, using social media to amplify your message. If you can’t get traction among traditional outlets, then start tweeting and posting your point of view through social vehicles.

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