Is Entrepreneurship Harder For Women?

According to The Commercial Appeal, the path to entrepreneurship is a harder one to take for women than it is for men. With various gender obstacles to face, many women simply find that they cannot get as far as they would like.

Although Denise Burnett loves her role as leader of one of the largest female-owned businesses in the region, she’s quick to note that being the boss is often a lonely job.

In addition to the inherent struggles of starting a business, female entrepreneurs often face gender-based obstacles that make running a successful company even more difficult.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the odds, Burnett said women should tackle challenges with integrity, professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

She speaks from experience, as the president of OR Nurses Inc., a small outfit she joined in 1988, a month after it was established by her late business partner, Carol Paterson. After Paterson’s death from ovarian cancer in 1990, Burnett assumed ownership of the company and guided it to a national presence.

“As a female in the business world, it can be difficult starting out and there may be those along the way who tell you that you can’t do it, that you won’t succeed,” Burnett said Thursday at the monthly meeting of the Society of Entrepreneurs. “There will be times when you’ll have to stand up for yourself and believe in your abilities, which can be daunting if you’re in a male-dominated industry.”

To facilitate success, Burnette said entrepreneurs must be willing to work harder than everyone else without compromising their standards.

And even though it may involve more effort at the onset, taking time to do a job right the first time will pay off both professionally and financially.

“Cutting corners for short-term gains just isn’t worth it,” Burnett warned. “Ultimately, your business rests on your reputation, and once you tarnish it you may never recover from it.”

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