Attracting Customers with YouTube

Google sells a lot of advertisements on their site YouTube. Many businesses use the site to promote their products and services. Sometimes, though, the best way for a small business, like yours, to use the site to attract new clients and customers is to just create great videos.

The Google Blog recently invited Terrence Kelleman, founder of Dynomighty Design to talk about how he grew his business with YouTube.

In 2001, I was working my day job as a digital photographer for e-commerce at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) when I found several prototypes for a product that were being thrown out. The plastic elements had magnets inside them, and as I broke them open and put the magnets on my desk, they suddenly shot together to form a straight line. Playing with the magnets, I realized I could make jewelry that was held together by magnetic force alone. This chance discovery was the first step on the road to starting my own company, Dynomighty, which sells magnetic jewelry and other creative products.

My first YouTube video of a magnetic bracelet was supposed to be a video for my own website to help demonstrate the dynamic features of our products. I was in a hurry the day I made it because my wife Ingrid and I were staying late to wrap up some orders. I set up some lights against a white background, and shot the video with a small point-and-shoot Canon digital camera without any editing. (In the original video, you could even hear the honking cars on Broadway outside our office in New York.) It took me three or four takes to fit all the magnetic jewelry “tricks” in a minute-long video. I posted the video to YouTube, we finished up for the night and went home.

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