Lifelong astronomer Peter Wise, of Dundonald Avenue, Abergele, collected a coveted gold medal at the 38th Geneva Inventions Fair in Switzerland after his product stood out from entries across the world.

The optical designer, who has been making telescopes for 30 years, drew upon his in-depth knowledge of the industry to design the refracting telescope that will now be sold commercially. After finding the market limited for his original plan for an eight-inch telescope, he worked on the successful 80mm design that is expected to cost on average just half of market leaders.

He said: “It was a tremendous achievement to win a gold medal and to now be able to take it forward to turn this into production for sales.

“There has been a lot of interest in the product and it was very pleasing. I have always been interested in astronomy and it was a case of looking to improve on what was already there.

Photo from Ryan Wick